Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility Management system

In 2016 NedCard implemented a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Management system. It contains the subjects Ethics, Labour & Human Rights, Health & Safety and Environment. The system is set up using ISO26000 as a guideline. Environment is an important subject for NedCard. Both NedCard Wijchen and NedCard Shanghai have a production site related ISO14001 certificate in Environmental Management.

Social Responsibility declaration

NedCard is responsible for its actions, is transparent and behaves in an ethical manner. NedCard’s Social Responsibility Declaration underlines the social responsibility policy.

Code of Business or Ethical Conduct

Sustainable business for NedCard does not only mean providing products and services without jeopardizing the environment and health and safety, to satisfy the customer’s needs, it also means operating in a social responsible manner. NedCard’s Code of Business or Ethical Conduct defines important rules of behavior NedCard is committed to.

Third Party Code of Conduct

NedCard, and all of its subsidiaries, has strong values. ‘Whoever we may deal with, and wherever we may operate, we are committed to doing so lawfully, ethically and with integrity.’ NedCard’s Third Party Code of Conduct provides guidance on the fundamental values and principles and standards of behavior to which suppliers, business partners and other third parties are expected to adhere to at all times.

Environmental Policy

NedCard considers all products and internal processes in the scope of its Environmental Policy. It describes the areas the environmental management system covers given the nature of NedCard’s products/ processes. The aim is to prevent incidents and negative effects on the environment.

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Social Responsibility