Quality framework

Assembly of integrated circuits must be done in accordance with high quality standards. The Smart Card and RFID industries require NedCard to keep the quality standards at top level. 

NedCard operates under a global quality system that enables NedCard to keep the same high standards at all manufacturing locations. Besides, this makes sure that the products can in principle be assembled at all sites without a difference in quality or reliability.

Apart from the ISO 9001 certificate, NedCard also has the ISO 14001 certificate for all sites. These certificates reflect NedCard’s commitment to high quality and the environment. 

The MasterCard Card Quality Management (CQM) is a widely used quality reference in the Smart Card industry. NedCard has obtained the MasterCard CQM for all manufacturing sites covering the full range of module types.

For standard products NedCard has produced hundreds of millions modules with a total yield of 99.5% and above. Such high yields are only possible when the quality standards and procedures are strictly adhered to.

Quality framework