e-Government & Identification

Governments are searching for more efficient and secure ways to verify and manage identities. No matter if passports or national identity cards are involved, Smart Cards offer a convenient solution that meets the requirements.

The same approach is used by numerous companies around the world where each employee has a badge consisting of a combination of photo identity pass, logical access pass and secure digital key, just to name one example.

National projects particularly require supply chains to be able to support high volumes over a short period of time. Being a global high-volume manufacturer of modules, NedCard has the capability to deliver module assembly and testing services to eGovernment projects around the world. In 2011, eGovernment cards and products accounted for approximately 4% of all globally produced Smart Cards (source: Eurosmart).

The eGovernment market demands high security measures and usually a guaranteed long life span, e.g. ePassport has a life span of 5 years.

Depending of the application, NedCard recommends any of the three NedCard open tool modules (i.e. contact, contactless or dual interface).

For additional information, seeĀ NedCard Contact modules Open Tool Specification and NedCard Dual interface modules Open Tool Specification and NedCard Contactless modules Open Tool Specification


e-Government & Identification