Supporting the entire lifecycle

No matter what phase a project is in, NedCard can provide assistance to make it a success!

Design and prototyping phase

  • Help to translate the intended application requirements into a module
  • Make a proposal for materials from leading suppliers in the industry
  • Use NedCard’s broad base of partners for manufacturing the products
  • Design the module in a cost-efficient way
  • Design the module for smooth production of large volumes
  • Make small-volume prototypes (chips from wafers or waffle packs)
  • Test and evaluate prototypes
  • Provide feedback and recommendations for further steps




Ramp-up phase

  • Together make a plan for ramping up the production
  • During this phase, the production is led by an R&D and/or engineering team, making sure that the project is given the attention and expertise it needs
  • Debug the module design and the assembly to achieve cost efficiency and high output
  • Provide feedback on the production runs and key numbers such as yield
  • Prepare for handing over the production to standard operators, if applicable for the product




Industrialization phase

  • The product is manufactured in industrial quantities and on a regular basis, thus enabling further progress on the learning curve
  • The logistic system is fully functional
  • The orders and daily reports are managed by the Customer Logistics department




Mass production phase

  • The product is manufactured regularly and in high volumes (e.g. on a weekly basis, 250+ thousand pieces per run)
  • The possibility to transfer the production to NedCard Shanghai. We will provide assistance in setting up the logistics flow and introduce you to local contact persons
  • The option to set up production lines at the NedCard premises where NedCard will handle the operations




Start anywhere, stop anywhere during the scheme

If necessary, NedCard can provide support at any stage of the product lifecycle.

You may make use of the NedCard services for design and prototyping only. As a deliverable we will make a proposal on module design, bill of materials and some recommended processing conditions.

Do you already have a fully designed module that just needs ramping up? No problem at all for NedCard! We use this already designed module for proposing and implementing possible improvements and make an industrial specification of it.

If you have a full specification available, you can contact NedCard for a quotation to start the industrial production immediately. This can be done both in Wijchen and in Shanghai, depending of your needs and requirements.

Do you have proprietary technology and machinery, but are you looking for someone to operate them for you? NedCard can help you out here as well. Please do not hesitate to contact us to hear our proposal with respect to such a request.