Success stories

Dual-interface module: NedCard successfully ramped up the dual-interface module assembly to quantities of 10++ million per year in one year. The ramp-up included achieving a high reliability and developing special capabilities for the test. 

Stacked die module: using special techniques for attaching dies, NedCard built a stacked die configuration of the dimensions of a standard Smart Card module. NedCard also succeeded in making progress from prototyping to industrial production volumes in less than one year.

LED-module: Using a specially designed leadframe, NedCard manufactured LED-modules with a very small footprint and form factor. The challenge lied in handling small dies requiring special techniques for the die attaching process.

Small Footprint Tag: NedCard joined the project at a stage where design was sub-optimal and put the project on track again. We assembled a very small die into the module and co-developed a customized encapsulation technique.