NedCard technical capabilities

Thanks to the ingenious setup of production machines, NedCard can make optimum use of the technical capabilities of each process step.

Pick and place / die attach process

  • Die sizes from 10 x 10 mm2 down to less than 1 x 1 mm2
  • Standard wafer rings 6” to 12”
  • Die thickness may be as low as 50μm

Electrical connections / wire bonding

  • Gold wire is used by default
  • The wire thickness is usually between 20μm and 25μm
  • Bond pads of 80 x 80 μm2 or even as small as 60 x 60 μm2
  • The bond pad pitch down to 150 μm (centre-to-centre of two adjacent bond pads)

Encapsulation following the UV-resin / globtop process

  • Dam-and-fill and single globtop technologies used
  • Resins are UV cured and therefore transparent

Encapsulation with moulding compound / transfer moulding process

  • Extremely accurate and highly repeatable process
  • Open Tool encapsulation thicknesses are 380μm, 330μm and 250μm
  • The process uses a metal leadframe by default, but can also be designed to be suitable for a glass-epoxy leadframe


  • Testing via the contacts by test pins
  • Testing via contactless interface either by contacting the antenna pads with pins or by a purely contactless interface
  • Variable setups depending on module size, up to 32 modules in parallel possible
  • Possibility to load into modules operating systems, programs, applets etc.
NedCard technical capabilities