Standard packages

NedCard offers a full range of packages used in Smart Card and RFID applications:

  • contact module
  • contactless module
  • dual interface module

Most applications for Smart Card and RFID have clear standards with respect to reliability, functionality and visual appearance. NedCard offers standard packages that are extensively tested and approved in combination with various ICs supplied by leading semiconductor suppliers.  

These standard packages can be found in the NedCard Open Tool specifications. The advantage of NedCard Open Tools is that the module meets the general requirements as formulated by the industry. Thus, the product is introduced into the market faster requiring less expensive testing. NedCard has so far assembled billions of modules according to our Open Tool specifications and we are proud to score high on customer satisfaction.

NedCard Contact modules Open Tool Specification


NedCard Contactless modules Open Tool Specification


NedCard Dual interface modules Open Tool Specification


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Standard packages