NedCard global capabilities

NedCard has two production sites both fully equipped with state-of-the art production lines and cleanroom facilities.

The two sites are used for optimization of

  • Production outputs
  • Operational costs
  • Technical capabilities

In practice, NedCard aims at allotting the following products and projects to its facility in the Netherlands:

  • R&D projects and prototyping
  • technically demanding products and other special projects
  • small-volume products
  • high-security products
  • other products that must be made in Europe.

NedCard’s facility in Shanghai focuses on cost-efficient assembly of high-volume products. With the capabilities of local R&D-team it’s possible to support transfer of production from Netherlands to Shanghai, from ramp-up all the way to mass production. Furthermore, the local R&D-team focuses on development of new tools, processes and materials which are supporting the global cost down roadmap of NedCard.

NedCard global capabilities